Landslide on Raga-Daporijo Claims Four Lives, Reverend Christopher Hembrom Among Victims

Raga |  November |  18 : 

In a heartbreaking turn of events, four people including a renowned Christian leader from West Bengal and Assam lost their lives in a tragic accident on Friday, when their car was caught in a sudden landslide along the Raga-Daporijo road.

 The incident occurred approximately about 40 kilometers from Raga, leaving the occupants of the vehicle, renowned reverend Lt. Christopher Hembrom (40 years), Lt. Lokinath Kisku (34 years), Lt. Abhijit Hembrom (33 years), and Lt. Nirmal Hembrom (34 years), with no chance of survival.

According to initial reports, the four individuals were returning to their respective hometowns after attending a prayer festival in Dumporijo, which they had been participating in from November 15-17 November. 

The exact time of the tragedy is estimated to have been between 5:30 p.m. and 4:30 p.m., striking approximately two kilometers from Belak Muri on the NH-13 package-V road.

Upon receiving a distress call from  Ramesh Muri (PRO) of package V NH-13 Potin-Pangin road at around 1930 hrs, a police team from PS Raga promptly arrived at the scene of the incident. 

The team managed to retrieve the severely damaged car and the bodies of the deceased, who were subsequently transferred to the District Hospital Raga for post-mortem examination.

A written FIR (First Information Report) was filed by  Talin Badhi, President of USD CRCC (United Social Development Council of Churches), and Tabu Haging, Evan(G/Secy) USD CRCC, requesting a thorough investigation into the cause of the accident. 

In response, a case under RPS UD C/NO.03/23 U/S 174 CRPC has been registered and handed over to Sl Rotom Echu for further investigation.

Meanwhile, inquests have been conducted over the deceased bodies, and post-mortem examinations are currently underway. 

As news of the catastrophe spread like wildfire, a pall of grief descended upon the community. The families and friends of the departed leaders were left reeling in shock and disbelief, their hearts shattered by the sudden loss of their beloved souls.

The investigation into the accident is still ongoing, and authorities are working to determine the exact cause of the landslide and the factors that contributed to this tragic loss of life.

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