Day-Long Awareness Camp Educates Public on Women's Empowerment, Legal Rights, Drug Abuse, and POCSO Act

Yingkiong, Sep, 17 :  

A Day-long awareness camp was held at Royal Siang Academy School Jengging on Saturday to educate the public on women's empowerment, legal rights for women, drug abuse, and the POCSO Act.

The awareness program was organised by the Sikiing Kojee Charitable Society, Yingkiong in collaboration with the Dept of Health, Women and Child Development Yingkiong, District Legal Service Authority and APWWS Unit Jengging. 

Damini Tali, Clinical Psychologist, District De-Addiction Centre, Yingkiong sensitized the participants on the ill effects of drugs and substance abuse. She informed the gathering that the Centre has helped many to overcome addictions and lead healthy lives.

Y.Jerang, DIPRO Upper Siang spoke on the topic of education as a weapon of women's empowerment. She said that the upliftment of women in society is possible only through education and it is one of the most important factors in empowering women to make them independent, strong and stand up for their rights.

Adv Akoying Tekseng, DCPU, Yingkiong delivered a speech on POCSO Acts and apprised the students of legal provisions and child rights protection provisions in the act.

Adv O. Komut, DLSA spoke on the Domestic Violence Act and legal provisions to protect women's rights and dignity respectively.

Among others, Dr Mity Apang, Chairman Sikiing Kojee Charitable Society Yingkiong, Sr.APWWS members Yingkiong Unit, APWWS Jengging Unit, Principal, teachers, students and parents attended the programme.

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