Cloudburst In Lhallung Village Causes Widespread Damage, 2 Hydel Stations Affected

Mechukha | Sep | 16 :

A sudden cloudburst in Lhallung village near Mechukha occurred in the wee hours of Saturday morning reportedly triggered a devastating flood, causing significant damage to the area.

At least two Hydel stations have been severely affected, disrupting the electricity supply to Mechukha township and its adjoining areas.

The flood water also ravaged agricultural fields, standing crops, houses, water supply and livestock. However, no loss of human life was reported.

Legislative Assembly Speaker & Local MLA, P D Sona expressed serious concern over the situation and instructed the District Administration to take immediate action and provide all possible help to the affected families.

He also instructed the District Administration to immediately assess the extent of the damage and directed the Power and Public Health Engineering Department (PHED) to initiate the restoration process as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, Sona also over the phone communicated the urgency of the situation to the Chief Minister and Deputy Chief Minister, urgently seeking their assistance to address this crisis.

The Hydel Stations located in Lhallung village serve as the lifeline of electricity supply for Mechukha township and its adjoining areas.

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