Tedir Meets with Teachers' Associations , Assures Consideration of Their Demands


ITANAGAR | Aug  | 29 :

Education Minister Taba Tedir on Tuesday informed that the government is actively considering the regularisation of ISSE teachers in batches.

He appealed to the CB AASSATA and other unions/associations not to resort to protests, demonstrations, or social media campaigns, but to instead raise their grievances through healthy discussions with the department.

"The Pema Khandu-led government is a welfare government and has always been willing to consider the genuine demands made by the association from time to time," he added.

He made these remarks while discussing the grievances of the CB-AASSATA (ISSE), including residential school staff, KGBV, RP (CWSN/subject) teachers, PTIs, SPOs, and DPOs non-teaching staff working under the Samagra Shiksha Society/ISSE Arunachal Pradesh with representatives of various teachers' welfare organizations.

In his address, the President of CB-AASSATA prayed for the complete regularization of all ISSE (erstwhile SSA) teachers in batches, as per the BJP party's election manifestos of 2014 and 2019. He also emphasized the need for a 22% salary hike and a 3% DA for all categories of employees under Samagra Shiksha/ISSE, teaching and non-teaching alike. The salaries of newly appointed PRTs and TGTs should also be raised to match those of previously appointed teachers.

The President of the Government Residential School requested the government to increase the salaries of all categories of teaching and non-teaching staff by 22% and 3%, respectively, from the state's top-up for residential schools.

The President of the SPO & DPO, PTI, RP (CWSN/subject) staff requested the government to increase their salaries by 22% and 3%, respectively, from the state's top-up, as the MMER project does not have enough funds to increase staff salaries. He also requested the regularization of SPO & DPO staff.

The President of the KGBV Association prayed for a 22% salary hike and a 3% DA for all categories of staff. He also requested the government to look into other matters of batch-wise regularisation to secure their families.

The Director of Secondary Education acknowledged the contribution of RMSA teachers to the field of education. He also emphasized the need to regularize RMSA and Vocational Teachers.

The Secretary of Education cum SPD, ISSE, emphasized the need to create posts under CWSN as per the direction of the Hon'ble Supreme Court. He expressed his satisfaction with the CBSE results of KGBVs and Residential Schools. He informed that ISSE is a society to assists only the State Government in various schemes for the development of education, such as infrastructure development, teacher training, skill development, textbooks, and uniforms.

He further informed that ISSE is a time-specific program launched by the Government of India, which may not continue after a specific time frame. As a result, the state government may assume responsibility.

After listening to all of their grievances, Tedir directed the department to process and submit any memorandums submitted by the associations and unions for the government's decision.

He also requested the teachers to repay the education department through their sincere service and improve the CBSE results from 39% to 50%.

He further directed the department to place a cabinet note for a 22% salary increase for all categories of teaching and non-teaching staff in the next cabinet meeting.

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