RKMH Doctors Remove Electric Wire from Elderly Patient's Urinary Bladder



Jun Taki

In a rare and bizarre medical case, doctors at RK Mission Hospital in Itanagar successfully removed about half-meter-long electric wire from the urinary bladder of an elderly patient on Wednesday.

The doctors performed a PCCL (percutaneous cystolithotripsy) procedure to remove the wire. The team of doctors from RK Mission Hospital, Itanagar who performed the removal procedure were Dr Goto Gangkak Urologist, Dr. Ani Siram Senior Anesthesiologist, Dr Sony Ekke Anesthesiologist, and OT staff.

The patient, who is an elderly person, had been feeling unwell and was admitted to the hospital with complaints of discomfort in his lower abdomen. After conducting tests, doctors found that an electric wire had been lodged in the patient's urinary bladder.

The cause of the wire being in the patient's bladder is unknown. The patient is not able to remember how it got there, Dr. Ani Siram, a senior senior anesthesiologist at RK Mission Hospital, informed when contacted.

"This was a rare case of a foreign object being lodged in the urinary bladder. The removal was successful and the patient is now recovering well and relieved of discomfort," Siram added.

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