30-Meter High National Flag Unveiled at NERIST to Honor Nation's Freedom Fighters


NIRJULI | Aug | 29 :

A 30-meter-high mast National Flag was inaugurated by Director NERIST, Prof. Narendranath on Tuesday, making it a historic day for the institute. The flag was installed in the South Campus of NERIST to honour the nation and its freedom fighters.

Addressing the gathering, the Director of NERIST said that he was overwhelmed by the warm welcome and the huge congregation honouring the national flag at the NERIST campus. He mentioned that the success of Chandrayaan-3 is a great feat achieved by the experts and scientists of India.

" Our nation is achieving new heights, and the Indian flag is being hoisted not only within the country but also on world platforms and the moon, he said.

He added that thtricolouror should be the first thing that every student and employee sees when they start their day, and they must salute the flag and put all their efforts into the progress of the nation. He congratulated the NERIST alumnus who played a crucial role in the success of Chandrayaan-3 and encouraged the students to contribute significantly to the development and achievements of the nation.

In his address, registrar. M. K. Camder briefed the gathering about the importance and necessity of installing a high-mast national flag at the academic premise by the guidelines of the UGC.

The ceremony was attended by the institute's employees, including deans, HODs, HoSs, NERIST officials, faculty members, staff members, and students. The NCC and the NSS wing of the institute also performed at the event, which was followed by a sweet distribution.

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